JJD free to send you home! Hunan, Hengyang, Chenzhou, friends, come to participate in the double steam reunion safe home activities!

2021-06-16 16:30:04


  Once a year the Spring Festival is approaching, whether you have packed valuables, ready to set foot on the way back home; or you are on the way home, thinking of her mother's soup, Grandpa's board; or have you sit at home, and the father of tea, and then home to grandma.  

  The family reunion, now singing, now dancing days. But return a ticket, but so many screenwriters wandering from the wanderer. In the spring, the Chinese God like words, often referred to, will make people pale. Hundreds of millions of people flooding into the station crazy all night queuing overnight, brush ticket in the lottery than harder, even hundreds of kilometers of road driving a motorcycle stop. All kinds of hardships, just to go home. But there are some people, because not buy tickets, to stay in the city, a lonely new year.


  Hunan and Guangdong distance, so far, said nearly no closer, no matter how difficult, but for my work in Foshan, Hunan friends, the way home is always the most happy, we would like to send you a ticket back home, that only a feeling of that hope..


  Hengyang, Chenzhou friends, look at it


  JJD free to send you home!

  Say goodbye to the bustling city, remove the bags, we go home together!



  JJD combined with Foshan radio 924, held the first "double steam reunion - peace and safety" activities began in 2016! January 27th Jiujiang winery organized car, Hengyang, Chenzhou, Hunan set up two lines, let you go home with my parents for free!

  Registration requirements: as long as you are studying or working in the Guangdong area of Hunan, during the Spring Festival did not buy tickets to go home, with valid documents to the Guangdong province Jiujiang winery or Foshan radio application, Jiujiang Brewery will examine screening (limited number), and through the examination of the successful applicants will be notified in January 24, 2016!

  Registration: attention to the number of public WeChat Guangdong Brewery Co., Ltd. after the reply to the event registration or call Foshan radio hotline 83398339 can be consulted oh! Successful registration will give you the "Jiujiang wine gift", places are limited, first come first served!


  Time: January 27th 09:00

  Location: Guangdong Jiujiang Brewery Co., Ltd.

  Address: No. 12 Huimin Road, Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, China


  Tuhao gold bus is ready, just waiting for you to sign up.~



  Come and sign up!! Long press the two-dimensional code below to join the Guangdong Brewery Co., Ltd. JiujiangWeChat public number!